Life lately

Lately my world revolves around the relentless military schedule of a fiesty six-week-old. Finding time to write is a challenge (duh), but this phase is so fleeting I wouldn’t have it any other way. Taking care of a newborn has been exactly as hard as I expected it would be, only much harder, but also, paradoxically, not as bad as you might think. For the number of things in my life that would appear to have gotten worse overnight (quality of sleep, free time, etc.), I wouldn’t expect to be floating around the apartment grinning like a fool every day, but I do. Because I have a daughter now. We are a family. It’s amazing.

August is the month when everyone up here starts referring to “sweater weather” being right around the corner. This annoys me because 1) I dislike cold weather, “cold” here meaning anything that requires me to wear pants, and 2) because I loooove summer, and August is the height of summer! It’s the month of my birthday and family vacations and spiral notebooks on sale for less than a dollar! How dare they taint my beloved, sunscreen-scented August with talk of long sleeves.

I really don’t have much else to say for now, but the long break was getting awkward, so I figured I’d break the ice before things got too weird. So. How ya been?

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